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Join me and my family for the first ever FAMILY TIME podcast series on The Good, The Bad, The Family... we discuss complicated topics, share stories, and give a lot of opinions! 

Anxiety In Kids

How do we know if our child is experiencing anxiety, and what can we do to help them move through it?

Food Is Love

Welcome to Season Two!!! Join me in a conversation I have with my dad about food, love, tradition, and family!

Preparing for a baby can be a complex experience. You never really know exactly what to expect as a new parent, but I'm almost certain you would never expect to deliver your baby i...

This last year has been incredibly challenging for all people, in every country. Last week brought new conflict for citizens living in the United States. The heart-ache of violence...

Redefining Success

Join me in a quick check in and discussion about redefining success and priorities during the pandemic.

Join me and my good friend Yana as we discuss Self Care, why it's important and what it means to us!

Today I'm having a conversation about Discipline and Punishment when it comes to parenting... and I ask the question, "Is spanking really effective?"

What About Mom?

It's Mother's Day! I'm going to share my thoughts on why moms are so important and I'll be reading a wonderful story about growing through our struggles with our mom. 

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